Published in 1995 in Great Britian

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Here is southern Africa in all its moody splendour - from the vast, grassy plains and the thunderous trampling of the buffalo herds, to the soaring purple peaks of the pine clad Nyanga Mountains. To turn the pages of this scintillating romance is to feel the heat and savage beauty of the wild Zambezi valley, and to walk in the soft, green rain forest all the way to the majestic and unique Victoria Falls.

At once an epic adventure and a torrid love story - "A Woman of Africa" portrays modern Zimbabwe as it really is: a land of emotional and social turbulence, and of political corruption in high places - all set in a landscape of breathtaking, unsurpassed beauty.

This book is a tale of relentless and exhilarating action featuring pitched battles with the anarchic and heavily armed poaching gangs, and the equally ferocious tumult stirred by the star-crossed passions of Matt, Caitlin and Nicholas.

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21 May 2009